Q: What time should I show up?

A: Please arrive about 45 minutes before the walkthrough for your age group. For 6-9 age group, it is best to show up shortly after yard opening time.

Q: Parking?

A: For early-birds, there will be a limited amount of spots in the front yard, driveway and side of the street. Once that fills up there will be plenty of parking at George Preston Arena at the end of our block.

Q: What should I bring?

A: There will be some seating available, but feel free to bring camp/lawn chairs. The BBQ and concession will be going all day with burgs, dogs, snacks and refreshments but you are welcome to bring along a cooler. All competitors will get a drink and a voucher for dog/burg and chips. For those wishing to take home a pet spider you must provide your own container.

Q: Are there any requirements to compete?

A: To compete at BYN, none, save enthusiasm! Just get out on the course and have a good time. For those competing in CNL Nationals in October you can think of it as a no-pressure evaluation of your skills.

Q: What's with the yellow tape?

A: Any areas or obstacles marked with caution tape are off-limits. This means it is an obstacle/zone out of commission or reserved for competition only. Please, no playing or warming up in these areas.

Q: Off-limits? So where can I warm up?

A: Any obstacles not taped off are fair game for playing or warming up. Just be sure to stay clear of the course when athletes are running.

Q: COVID Protocols?

A: We will be aiming to maintain our latest standards of distancing and hygiene for the event. Please give the competitors lots of space as usual, but spectators will also be asked to follow certain paths while viewing so we don't have a giant glob of humanity running around the course. Sanitizing and hand washing stations will be available.