Saturday September 9th and Sunday September 10th

Address is 4036 207a St Langley BC

  • Saturday September 9th - All kids 6-13
  • Sunday September 10th - Ages 14-15 and adults
  • No course time limit but rest periods between obstacles will be capped at 30 seconds

Athletes will have 30mins before their heat times for warmup

Saturday event timeline is 10:00am until 7:00pm (timing updated weekly based on enrollment)

  • 10:00am yard opens and 6-9 warmups
  • 11:00am ages 6-9 walkthrough
  • 11:45am first athlete on course
  • 1:45pm ages 6-9 awards
  • 2:00pm course update for ages 10-13
  • 2:15pm ages 10-13 warmups
  • 3:00pm ages 10-13 walkthrough
  • 3:30pm first athlete on course
  • 4:30pm course adjustments for 12-13
  • 4:45pm first 12-13 athelete on course
  • 6:00pm ages 10-13 awards

Sunday event timeline is 11:00am until 5:30pm (timing updated weekly based on enrollment)

  • 11:00am yard opens and masters warmups
  • 11:45am masters walkthrough
  • 12:30pm first masters athlete on course
  • 1:30pm 14-15/adult warmups
  • 2:15pm 14-15/adult walkthrough
  • 2:45pm first athlete on course
  • 3:45pm Pro course mods and refresher walkthrough
  • 4:00pm first Pro athlete on course
  • 5:30pm awards

All competition rules can be found on the Canadian Ninja League website.